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Weed Boss - Make It Rain

Weed Boss - Make It Rain

Version:1.1.12Category:Role Playing

Updated:2014-06-13OS Require:Android 2.3 and up


Description of Weed Boss - Make It Rain

Selling weed isn't difficult, but dealing successfully is.
"Weed Boss - Make It Rain" is a weed dealing game where you start from growing weed in your basement weed firm to making billions. You face all problems that a success dealer goes through. From picking where to grow to making decisions when FBI knocks on your door.
- Buying different labs to grow different weed strains
- Recruiting gangs around the world to help distribution
- Growing reputation to deal in bulks
- Feeling the thrill of running away from FBI's (or stay and negotiate with them? or better yet, bribe them?)
- From making $10's to thousands to millions to billions to KB's to MB's to BB's to kBB's. even MBB or BBB.
Act quick and become the next famous Weed Boss!


Weed Boss - Make It Rain Screenshots

  • Weed Boss - Make It Rain
    Weed Boss - Make It Rain
  • Weed Boss - Make It Rain
    Weed Boss - Make It Rain
  • Weed Boss - Make It Rain
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