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Street Robber Chaser 3D

Street Robber Chaser 3D


Updated:2018-03-27OS Require:Android 4.0 and up


Description of Street Robber Chaser 3D

Let’s begin street robber chaser 3d adventure and enjoy run and catch game among the running games. Run or chase in streets, experience the most adventurous running game. Run fast and keep running to catch robbers in streets of the beautiful city. It is an endless run game with robber catch mission, surf in streets, escape from hurdles and catch the thief.
Run through mysterious streets with lots of hurdles and other objects to catch robbers, only with fast speed surfers or runners can survive or catch in this amazing street chase run game. slide, swipe, dash into streets, rush out from hurdles, turn left or right to dodge obstacles, jump to cross over tricky objects, collect objects in streets to hit robbers and speed up to catch the thief.
Catch escape run is free endless run game for girls. Surf and chase in unknown streets to catch robbers. Are you a fan of street run adventure games especially street runner, street chasing games, and endless running games? If yes then download amazing street dash chase game to enjoy run and jump adventure. Street robber chaser 3d street dash is the hard running game on beautiful city streets with elegant running dash and runs jumping.
Unlike dash, castle, temple and run this dash hit run chase game about running and catching so help dash heroes catch robbers. Endless street chase 3d game is new run game for girls who like runner games or dash adventure with street surfer and jump games.
The street robber chaser 3d games experience run and chase adventure with running heroes on streets in the new dash fun run game of 2018. So beat the rush of run and temple dash running with dash kings on street robber chaser adventure in beautiful dash jump up the game.
Street chase runner game follows a story of a gang of street robbers who snatches things from streets. You as chase heroin running state hit and catch the robbers in city-run chase adventure 3d.
Enjoy beautiful jumping and chasing with street heroes for running adventure. Now street runners & chaser game is here to amuse you.
Enjoy the chasing game with HD graphics and smooth controls. If you are a fan of endless runner games or adventure dash jumping games or dodge games then you will surely love to play street robber chaser 3d run game. Download and install street run chaser games on your mobile devices.
Street Robber Chaser 3D Features:

•Simple, smooth and intuitive controls.
•Chase robbers, thieves, and gangs.
•Addictive running, chasing and dash run missions game.
•The unique mixture of running, jumping and hitting.
•Bottles for hitting and Balls for kicking them.
•Eye-catching HD graphics with city streets environment.
•Real chaser missions with challenging obstacles.
•Outstanding sounds effects and music.


Street Robber Chaser 3D Screenshots

  • Street Robber Chaser 3D
    Street Robber Chaser 3D
  • Street Robber Chaser 3D
    Street Robber Chaser 3D
  • Street Robber Chaser 3D
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