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Updated:2015-06-19OS Require:Android 2.2 or higher


Description of SecureLine

★★★ Best Security Guard of Communicate ★★★
SecureLine is the voice encryption application for your smart phone. Together with other SecureLine it enables end-to-end security - no matter which networks your call has to traverse until it reaches your communication partner.
SecureLine utilizes military grade 256 bit AES encryption to encrypt voice communications before transmission using 2048 bit RSA for key exchange.
Users will create their own personal unique individual ID. Both users must have the software in order to use the functionality.
If you have an internet access using Wi-Fi or GPRS. SecureLine implements the strongest and up-to-date encryption algorithms and secure exchanging protocols.
== Features ==
✓ support encrypted calls
✓ support speaker phone
✓ support mute
✓ support dial from recent calls
✓ Detailed Call history
✓ Push notifications even when the app is closed
✓ Stay connected as you move from Edge to 3G to Wi-Fi
✓ Set on/off passcode protect
✓ User-Friendly Interface
✓ Very low latency, crystal clear audio
✓ Contacts integration, add or edit contacts from within the app
✓ English / Traditional Chinese Language Support
✓ Ad-free
Encrypted Phone Communication:
SecureLine securely encrypts the phone conversation with your partner. Encrypting communication or even the possession of a copy of SecureLine might be illegal in some countries or regions. It is your liability to check if the use or possession of a copy of SecureLine is legal for you in any situation. Please check any legal restrictions before downloading SecureLine. Also make sure to inform yourself about any restrictions that might apply in foreign countries before taking a copy of SecureLine into these countries or making a secure phone call in these countries. Also taking a copy of SecureLine into a foreign country might be illegal due to export restriction.
◎ SecureLine requires a license purchasing to allow encrypt calls.
Any further question about SecureLine, please contact:


SecureLine Screenshots

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