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Pony Unicorn Mom Pregnant Surgery Simulator

Pony Unicorn Mom Pregnant Surgery Simulator


Updated:2018-03-29OS Require:Android 4.0 and up


Description of Pony Unicorn Mom Pregnant Surgery Simulator

In the magical world of fairies and unicorns and everything colorful, lives a bright life as busy as it can get! There in that magical world live swarms of pony unicorns living their colorful lives! That includes unicorn men going to work, unicorn children and babies playing and unicorn mommy doing their work! In this game we have a pregnant unicorn mom and the whole unicorn land is very excited!

Unlike humans, unicorn have a different cycle of pregnancy. Since there are very rare pony unicorn in the world there are less unicorn that get pregnant! That is why each year whenever a new unicorn baby is born it is a moment of celebration! The whole magical world of unicorns gets very excited and gives the best mommy care to unicorn mom when she is pregnant!

The unicorn baby hospital is very advanced and equipped with the latest surgical instruments and always ready for any kind of emergency! This time the head unicorn mom is pregnant and ready to go in for surgery any time! Prepare for the operation games before the unicorn mom is presented to you! You have to prove that you are the best at what you do, an unbeatable gynecologist in the magical world of pony unicorns!

Once the pregnant mommy pony unicorn makes her way to the hospital simulator, prepare her for the surgery immediately! Operation games require a lot of vigilant mommy care and for the Unicorn mom, they are more sensitive than humans! Treat them really safely!
Now that the unicorn mom is in the hospital do your best to operate her to provide her the awaited unicorn baby!

First off help unicorn mom revive some energy by giving her some air to breathe and food to eat! Then take her to operation room of surgery simulator hospital games! There you take the blood test and the sugar level test of the pregnant mommy!
That is followed by giving the pregnant unicorn mom some air to breathe with the oxygen mask so she can retain her senses after the enormous labor pain!

Lastly by checking the ultrasound of the unicorn baby, proceed on to giving unicorn pregnant mom with a suitable anesthesia injection so that she doesn’t have to bear the pain of the operation and then apply numbing cream to her stomach so it can be perfectly numb and does not pain after the operation has finished!

After that, mark a cut on the unicorn mom belly where the unicorn baby is! From there, open the stomach wider and finally get the unicorn baby out! Then finally stich the cesarean mark on the stomach back and immediately heal it with a soothing cream so after anesthesia affect the mommy doesn’t feel as much pain!

Now that the unicorn baby is in the world, the unicorn of the magical world will be so happy to see it! They are already waiting to welcome the unicorn baby in celebration!

•Start the game
•Select the unicorn scene
•Choose the unicorn mommy
•Play scene by scene
•Follow the instruction as given above “DETAILED ACCOUNT ON HOW TO PLAY THE GAME” to play scenes
•Follow the onscreen hand tool to help perform tasks
•After one unicorn mom you can select another mom to operate

•Full pregnant surgery simulator
•Unicorn character animation
•Attractive graphics for kids
•Surgical instruments simulator
•Hand tool to guide through game
•On screen controls

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Pony Unicorn Mom Pregnant Surgery Simulator Screenshots

  • Pony Unicorn Mom Pregnant Surgery Simulator
    Pony Unicorn Mom Pregnant Surgery Simulator
  • Pony Unicorn Mom Pregnant Surgery Simulator
    Pony Unicorn Mom Pregnant Surgery Simulator
  • Pony Unicorn Mom Pregnant Surgery Simulator
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