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Plastic Rigs

Plastic Rigs


Updated:2018-03-29OS Require:Android 4.1 and up


What's New in Version 1.4

- added new modes of transport
- expanded the game location
- there was a mode of races
- fixed bugs

Description of Plastic Rigs

Plastic bricks are a limitless space for imagination. And in this fun sandbox with the open world the children's designer will become your main (and only) building resource! You can build any kinds of brick rigs transport that you want - car, dumper, train, plane, space shuttle, fire engine, helicopter, tank, submarine and many others! Tired of traveling around the plastic world on your own transport? Then just destroy it in the most spectacular way, causing the rain to explode out of the plastic blocks! Remember that destruction here is no less important process than rig creation!

The main character of this game is a funny little man, who, like the whole world of this game, is a figurine of plastic rigs cubes. His task is extremely simple - to build all kinds of vehicles and create with their help a real madness! Tarantu buildings, fly into trains at full speed, make monstrous explosions, turn your objects into plastic debris, dump trucks into the abyss - you can not imagine how fun it is! Particularly interesting here is the multiplayer mode - you can cooperate with your friends, increasing the amount of brick world destruction and fun!



Plastic Rigs Screenshots

  • Plastic Rigs
    Plastic Rigs
  • Plastic Rigs
    Plastic Rigs
  • Plastic Rigs
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