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Plane Landing Simulator – Airplane Flight Games

Plane Landing Simulator – Airplane Flight Games


Updated:2018-03-29OS Require:Android 4.1 and up


Description of Plane Landing Simulator – Airplane Flight Games

Let’s play the best airplane flight simulator game. Plane landing is not an easy task, this flight simulator will take you to new heights in plane landing techniques. Join the airplane landing club and be the best pilot and conquer the skies. Have fun controlling these huge commercial airliners, Airbus and Jets. These plane pilot campaigns allow you to jump into basic learning. Follow the manual with briefing from the flying instructor, remember flying problems and emergencies can happen any time. Learn to land these huge birds on plane landing game, emergency landing, damaged and blown-up engine, breakdowns and unexpected problems.Play this ultimate extreme plane simulator adventure and land your aircraft safely saving all passengers. In case of mayday emergency landing, handle situation with ease like a pro flight pilot of aircraft. Face the most challenging weathers and conditions, air pockets and turbulence weather conditions and engine failures, your duty as a pilot is to fly your passengers safely home.

Get ready for the extreme flight simulator adventure and experience in controlling jet airliner and flying commercial plane simulator and aircraft in this amazing extreme landing airplane flight simulator 3D. Feel the real cockpit controls and fly plane safely. Transport passengers to their destination. Show your plane flying pilot skills and test your limits with different weathers and situations in order to get your extreme landing simulator safely onto various landing conditions. Take full control of as a commercial plane pilot and test your piloting skills in this critical flying conditions. As an experience pilot, handle and cope with all emergencies and incidents in a climactic adrenaline rush. Navigate through air stripes and handle engine situation, read your cockpit panels carefully and solve possible situation to reach the best plane pilot rankings. In flight simulator games, you can become the best flight simulator and fly your commercial airline jet airbus to the destination. Steer your airplane flight pilot through all of the waypoints to ensure the best plane landing at the runway and land at your destination airport within the defined landing time limit. Before touching the runway, make sure to slow down and prepare for emergency landing, check your air brakes and flaps, hold your steering and slowly guide your flight simulator to the runway zone. In plane simulator situations, call for Mayday. Make sure to open the landing gears, be careful not to crash, guide your commercial jet airplane towards the runway.

Enhance your plane flying career as the best commercial pilot, take off this flight. This plane landing airplane flight simulator game is your chance to put yourself in the flying pilot’s seat for takeoff with different commercial jet. Connect your frequency to the control tower and take clearance for extreme flight landing simulator to land your jet liner on various runways of the world. Take this safely on the ground. Once landed, take it to taxi and off load all passengers to the airport terminal and take your aircraft to hanger for parking and maintenance.

Plane Landing – Airplane Flight Simulator Games Features:
- Realistic plane Flying Experience
- Critical extreme Landing & Take offs
- Daring Airplane games Pilot Missions 
- Full Flight alert Control. & Detailed Cockpit
- Realistic sounds
- Multiple commercial jetliners
- Various Weather Conditions


Plane Landing Simulator – Airplane Flight Games Screenshots

  • Plane Landing Simulator – Airplane Flight Games
    Plane Landing Simulator – Airplane Flight Games
  • Plane Landing Simulator – Airplane Flight Games
    Plane Landing Simulator – Airplane Flight Games
  • Plane Landing Simulator – Airplane Flight Games
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