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Mosquito repellent

Mosquito repellent


Updated:2015-06-19OS Require:Android 2.3 or higher


Description of Mosquito repellent

Mosquito repellent an infallible weapon against mosquitoes
Who pica? they are not mosquitoes suck our blood, even these lack the "killer blood". The females are biting, you need to remove a blood protein they need in the gestation period. These animals feed on nectar, but pregnant females need to shop at the "mobile blood banks."
Now comes the big question: what irritates them these gnats? These gnats in gestation period can not stand the presence of the male mosquito free zones and seek the presence of their macho. So if we can simulate the flight characteristic sound of mosquitoes, we can achieve a zone free of midges and their bites.
This is where the mosquito repellent which emits a sound that keeps midges comes into action.
The mosquito repellent is our best weapon against biting midges.


Mosquito repellent Screenshots

  • Mosquito repellent
    Mosquito repellent
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