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Mega Man 2

Mega Man 2


Updated:2015-06-19OS Require:Android 1.5 or higher


Description of Mega Man 2

He's Back! And this time the evil Dr. Wily (once the supreme power in the universe) has created even more sinister robots to mount his attack. But as MegaMan you've also grown in power and ability. Can you save mankind from the evil desires of Dr. Wily? Each of the eight empires is ruled by a different super-robot. You must defeat each enemy on his own turf building up weapons as you go. Only after all are destroyed will you go head-on with the mastermind himself the evil Dr. Wily.

Nintendo Of America thought Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels (as it became known) was too tough to release but Capcom clearly believed that gamers could handle the challenge. For Mega Man 2 is one of the toughest platformers of all time.
Released in an era when most platformers were pretty tricky Mega Man 2 stood out. Partly because Mega Man himself is a bit rubbish. He can't jump very high he's slow he can't duck and he can only shoot his gun left and right. But he can defeat one of Dr Wily's Robot Monsters nick their signature move and use it against other Masters.

You can play the levels in any order you like but the key is working out which weapons work well against which masters. That and staying alive.

From Air Man to Quick Man and metal Man all the Robot Masters are memorable the platforming is excellent and nearly 25 years on from the original release it is still probably the best game in the Mega Man series

After defeating Dr. Light's six robots that were reprogrammed by the villainous Dr. Wily in Mega Man it seemed like the world was safe. But it was not to be. Dr. Wily has escaped from prison and is madder than ever this time creating eight new Robot Masters of his own to take over the world and crush Mega Man! Is the world doomed?

Mega Man 2 is the sequel to the NES game Mega Man. In this game metal Man Air Man Bubble Man Quick Man Crash Man Flash Man Heat Man and Wood Man are Dr. Wily's eight prize creations that have been sent to take over the world. As Mega Man defeats these bosses he can steal their powers and use them for himself. Each Robot Master is weak against another's weapon and through experimentation Mega Man can gain the upper hand by using the weapon they're vulnerable against.

Other additions to the game include the 'E-Tank' - an item that can be used at any time to completely refill Mega Man's energy and a Password System which allows players to continue their game by recording which Robot Masters have been defeated and how many E-Tanks they have. Mega Man 2 also removes the scoring system from the original game.


Mega Man 2 Screenshots

  • Mega Man 2
    Mega Man 2
  • Mega Man 2
    Mega Man 2
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