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Lol Surprise Eggs n Dolls

Lol Surprise Eggs n Dolls


Updated:2017-07-13OS Require:Android 3.0 and up


Description of Lol Surprise Eggs n Dolls

Have you ever wondered to control a lol surprise doll in a lol surprise game ? Well, this is your chance to do so ! In this awesome adventure for boys and girls, you will be able to play with Lilly from the lil outrageous littles !


Three amazing worlds to play, some awesome bad baby monsters for kinder, you will be the superhero girl you have always wanted to be !
In a future update, you may be able to hatch some surprise eggs games for girls or some surprise eggs for boys. It depends on your choices that you can leave in the comments !


This lol doll surprise game is very easy to play. The game consists of four buttons, two to move forward and backward, and two to jump and shoot.
Your lol surprise toys will have to shoot at enemies sometimes in order to go to the next level.

== MORE ==

This adventure will take your children gaming experience to the next level ! Moreover, he will be able to fight against three main bosses, cookie swirl c, toys and me the giant nebula, and ryan toy review the bad baby doll.


Please read our privacy policy before playing the game, just to be aware of the permissions that the game require.


Lol Surprise Eggs n Dolls Screenshots

  • Lol Surprise Eggs n Dolls
    Lol Surprise Eggs n Dolls
  • Lol Surprise Eggs n Dolls
    Lol Surprise Eggs n Dolls
  • Lol Surprise Eggs n Dolls
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