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Launcher 8 Pretty

Launcher 8 Pretty


Updated:2015-08-23OS Require:Android 4.0.3 or higher


Description of Launcher 8 Pretty

Launcher 8 Pretty with beautiful interface.
Launcher 8 Pretty with beautiful interface, user-friendly interface is a great app.
No frills, not as complicated as the other interfaces (IOS, GO, NEXT, NOVA, APUS, APEX, ONE, Smartphone, etc.). but instead is a simple but brings people
Using a great experience on both. and particularly our Launcher 8 Pretty is designed not exist CPU resources, the capacity of the machine ensures your device without
affected by anything.
With only consumes 4MB, Launcher 8 Pretty has brought a great experience for users. ensuring the criteria "friendly - handy - simple - efficient"
Launcher 8 Pretty promises exciting experience.
Launcher 8 Pretty application interface with the following functions:
- Manage the list of applications so handy.
- The interface is simple but eye-catching and effective.
- Interface smoother user utility.
- Set wallpaper
- The application icon beautiful, eye-catching layout.
- Manage the application icon wisely, and easily by creating folders icon.
The development team VPlay.Launcher


Launcher 8 Pretty Screenshots

  • Launcher 8 Pretty
    Launcher 8 Pretty
  • Launcher 8 Pretty
    Launcher 8 Pretty
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