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Glow Hockey 2 (Evolution)

Glow Hockey 2 (Evolution)


Updated:2015-06-19OS Require:Android 2.3 or higher


Description of Glow Hockey 2 (Evolution)

This is a totally new glow hockey game and millions of people have been addicted to it. Now it is available for Android and you can enjoy it.
★★★★★ ”Super cool This game is the best air hockey game, three game play mode and achievements to challenging" -- David

Fast-paced and easy to get going, the sports game Glow Hockey (Evolution) elaborately designs several scenes, exquisite glow effects, vivid collision and the smart AI to ensure you will love it and enjoy the fun. The game provides three difficulty levels, Multi-ball Choice Mode and Shootout Practice Mode to turn you into expert in hockey from any level.

Game Features:
- Several scenes with fantastic glow effects to create a great visual impact.
- Three game play mode: Time trial, Classic, Shootout, Great fun!
- Smart AI and vivid collision to provide a real hockey experience.
- One or two pucks, three difficult levels. Play against your friends now.
- Game achievements system
- Amazing game sound effects
** Classic Mode **
Glow Hockey superior
Glow Hockey Master
Glow Hockey Great God
** Time Trial **
Superior of Speed
Expert of Speed
King Of Speed
** Hockey Shooter **
Excellent Shooter
Super snipper
Perfect Marksmen


Glow Hockey 2 (Evolution) Screenshots

  • Glow Hockey 2 (Evolution)
    Glow Hockey 2 (Evolution)
  • Glow Hockey 2 (Evolution)
    Glow Hockey 2 (Evolution)
  • Glow Hockey 2 (Evolution)
    Glow Hockey 2 (Evolution)
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