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DECOPIC,Kawaii PhotoEditingApp

DECOPIC,Kawaii PhotoEditingApp


Updated:2015-09-15OS Require:Android 2.3 or higher


What's New in Version 3.0.6

App top page has been updated for a cool new look!Lots of new features to meet your requests!*Filters update!Great filters and effects, Instagram-style!Lots of retro and vintage filters, along with a lineup designed to make food look delicious!*New winter templates!New templates featuring snow crystals and Christmas and New Year's themes!Other minor bugs have been fixed.We appreciate your continued use of DECOPIC.

Description of DECOPIC,Kawaii PhotoEditingApp

\♡ Over 28 million downloads ♡/
This ultra-popular camera app makes it easy to do cute and stylish photo editing ★
You can even use hugely popular ♡ Hello Kitty stamps.
♥ Lots of free decorations ♪
Over 500 cute stamps and frames are available for free!
We are also adding decorations perfect for seasons and events ★
♥ Available decoration tools ♪
Filters, frames, stamps, lettering, pen, eraser, and more...
With this app, you can edit images however you like ♪
♥ Decorating is easy ♪
Even smartphone beginners can easily edit like advanced users ♡
Great templates let you make cute photos instantly with a single touch ♪
Add decorations right after taking a picture with the camera ☆
♥ Famous entertainers love using it too !
This app is used in photos uploaded to blogs by Japanese entertainers ♪
Check it out if you’re a big fan of “Japan kawaii” ★
♥ Tons of different filters too ♪
Outfits, selfies, fashion, nails, lunch, pets, and more...
You can edit photos based on the situation ♪
Try LOMO or Retro to make your photo look like it was taken with a toy camera!
♥ You can draw whatever you want with the pen ♪
Neon, pastels, vivid colors, patterns, spray paint, etc.
You can choose various pens and adjust the thickness like in a photo booth ♪
Lots of colors are available too ♡ Try adding cute writing or drawing just like in a photo booth ☆
♥ Classic phrases available in convenient form ♪
Of course, you can also add your own words of your choosing !
Add long sentences and poems to your favorite photos ★
♥ You can easily upload photos to social networking services ♪
Decorate photos taken with the camera and then upload them to social networking services ☆
You can share photos on Facebook and Twitter right away ♪
Of course, you can also send photos via LINE ★
♥ Cute decorations ♪
We’ve even been featured in popular Japanese fashion magazines ♪
You’ll be able to make cute pictures on your smartphone ☆
We regularly add free material such as stamps and frames ♡
We also look forward to requests for decorations and features ♪
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DECOPIC,Kawaii PhotoEditingApp Screenshots

  • DECOPIC,Kawaii PhotoEditingApp
    DECOPIC,Kawaii PhotoEditingApp
  • DECOPIC,Kawaii PhotoEditingApp
    DECOPIC,Kawaii PhotoEditingApp
  • DECOPIC,Kawaii PhotoEditingApp
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