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Bypass Labyrinth

Bypass Labyrinth


Updated:2015-06-19OS Require:Android 2.2 or higher


Description of Bypass Labyrinth

The fast-paced puzzle game Bypass Labyrinth demands skill and patience as you have to redirect the ball and get it to the exits within mean time limits. With 42 well-designed levels you can challenge yourself !
* Variety of levels, from easy to hard.
* Sound and laser effects.
5/5 - Great application recommended for everybody! Absolutely cool application, just try it!
5/5 - cool game Fun and challenging game. I love it!
5/5 - Hola! Thumbs up for people with a very steady hand, a really great pastime :-)
Bypass Labyrinth was created with the following tools:
libGDX, Box2D, Physics Body Editor, Universal Tween Engine


Bypass Labyrinth Screenshots

  • Bypass Labyrinth
    Bypass Labyrinth
  • Bypass Labyrinth
    Bypass Labyrinth
  • Bypass Labyrinth
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