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Block Puzzle

Block Puzzle


Updated:2014-05-19OS Require:Android 2.1 and up


Description of Block Puzzle

Block Puzzle is a fun and clever puzzle and trivia game - a cross between Tetris and Tangrams Tile Matching Game, clever blocks and Jigsaw. The rules of Block Puzzle are simple: Drop blocks around the screen to fit them into the shaded area in the middle of the screen. This is simple at first with just a few blocks and a few different possible arrangements. But as the number of blocks increase it definitely becomes a challenge.
No time pressure, no stress and more relaxed than traditional Falling Block Arcades / Tile Matching Block Puzzles, and thus. you cannot rotate pieces liek in Falling Block games, in the *original* TetroCrate.
Colorfull tetris blocks, and a lot of working brain - these are clever blocsk puzzle.
You like tangram, tetris, clever blcosk, blcoks puzzle, Jigsaw Puzzle or logic game ? You always play with blocks game ? Or you wont to exercise your brain ?This game is for You!
Block Puzzle best logic game with blocks!

Block Puzzle is similar to logic games like: block puzzle, doodle fit, pentomino, move it, slice it, blokus, block fit, tetris, puzzle fit, tangram or jigsaq puzzle. It's like a flat rubik's cube.
You want to complete level so you must block out and fit out.
block puzzle is a great puzzle game - very easy to use, challengeing your brain and keep it busy for hours.
block puzzle :
- cross between Tangrams Tile Matching Game and Jigsaw puzzle, unblock me, or tanzen
- Easy to learn
- Lots of great levels
- original game concept
If you like tangram, Jigsaw Puzzle, Shift it,flow, flows rail maze, blip, where's my wateror another logic games, 4 Pics 1 Word, Block Puzzle is definitely for you!


Block Puzzle Screenshots

  • Block Puzzle
    Block Puzzle
  • Block Puzzle
    Block Puzzle
  • Block Puzzle
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