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Battery Status Speaker

Battery Status Speaker


Updated:2014-05-20OS Require:Android 2.2 and up


What's New in Version 1.0.3

* Bug Fix - Automatic start failure at device reboot in Ice Cream Sandwich and on onwards has been fixed. Read more

Description of Battery Status Speaker

Battery Status Speaker is a free tool which displays the current battery status as a percentage on the notification panel. And also it has voice notification capability to notify ‘Full Charge’ and ‘Low Battery’ status.
1) The application notifies ‘Full Charge’ and ‘Low Battery’ status over the voice.
2) You can set the voice mode to ‘Male’ or ‘Female’ as you preferred.
3) Internet or Data connection not needed for voice notification
4) Configurable volume level for voice notification.
5) Four notification icon styles available in the current version.
6) Configurable low battery notification level
7) UI status updates only when the screen is ON. So it saves the battery consumption by the application even it runs in the background. (Voice notification works even the screen is OFF)
8) Enable/Disable notification icon from the status bar. (It will allow you to use only the voice notification service without displaying the battery status icon in the status bar.)

Please feel free to rate the application. Email your suggestions and if there are any encountered issues while using the application
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Battery Status Speaker Screenshots

  • Battery Status Speaker
    Battery Status Speaker
  • Battery Status Speaker
    Battery Status Speaker
  • Battery Status Speaker
    Battery Status Speaker
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