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APK Extractor

APK Extractor


Updated:2015-06-19OS Require:Android 2.2 or higher


Description of APK Extractor

This application lists all the system or installed applications installed on the phone.
It also provides you to extract any application APK or shear application, open application, uninstall application and detail of any application when on click the application.
When press on menu they display two menus option.
Sort menu option use for sorting list of application with respect to name and size of application.
APK’s menu option uses for show the list of extracted application.
when click on listed APK extractor gives you to install that application and if long click on listed APK then shear APK(s) and if we want to delete APK then delete any of listed application APK(s) .
Manage and share APK files installed on your device.
* Send APK files via Bluetooth / email
* Uninstall the APP from your phone. (Uninstalling System apps are not supported)
* Lightweight app
* It is a free APK installer and uninstaller.
* Show all APK file on list, view from SD card.
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APK Extractor Screenshots

  • APK Extractor
    APK Extractor
  • APK Extractor
    APK Extractor
  • APK Extractor
    APK Extractor
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