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ANT Smasher Game

ANT Smasher Game


Updated:2014-05-19OS Require:Android 2.2 and up


Description of ANT Smasher Game

Enjoy this very special ANT Smasher Game.
Are you too annoyed with these little creatures, settle down & relieve all your frustration by killing as many ANT's as you can.
Game builds up more & more complexity as you play more. So keep on playing for reaching most exciting phase.
Earn Bonus Life when ever you are able to kill the surprise big cockroach's but dare to touch the moving spider you will loose some of your life points. Tap on Crab to kill all the visible ANT's & gain quick points.
ANT Killer will be awesome time killer for sure & at the same a fun game to play & enjoy.
This Insect Smasher seems easy but take our words its not that at all.
This ANT Smasher game is a sheer test of once concerntration , speed & accuracy.
We want to keep this ANT Smasher Game completely free & thus it is ad supported and may contain ads as Banner Add and or home screen. This will help keep it free and help us bring you more cool games like this in the future. You can delete the search shortcuts easily and without any effect for our app (Drag and Drop to the garbage).
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ANT Smasher Game Screenshots

  • ANT Smasher Game
    ANT Smasher Game
  • ANT Smasher Game
    ANT Smasher Game
  • ANT Smasher Game
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